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Anthony Jermaine Nixon, now known to many as A. Jermaine, is recognized for his many contributions to the music industry. Over the course of several years, A. Jermaine has done everything from facilitate vocal workshops to volunteering with community outreach organizations and organizing programs to benefit the churches of the local community. Raised in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, he began his journey of loving and appreciating music as a small child. Growing up in the church, he began playing the drums at the age of 5. Born into a family of singers and musicians, it came as no surprise that he too, would end up writing, playing, and singing his own music.   


In 2004, A Jermaine founded A. Jermaine and Ascension. This musical family consists of various singers and musicians that come together for a common purpose – to encourage the body through music and outreach. This group of singers and musicians over the years, have been blessed to share the stage with some of the greatest names in gospel music. They have also been fortunate to release their own music. In 2009, A Jermaine & Ascension released their debut EP entitled The Process, and then in 2013, the sophomore album entitled “I Won’t Forget” was released. In 2019 they released Relationship Over Religion – The EP I and in 2020, released ROR The EP II. While these are just a few of the published releases, all can be found on all digital platforms. Although the faces that make up this band have changed over the years, the heart and purpose have not. A Jermaine continues to write and release music that will uplift and encourage all that encounter.


A Jermaine founded AJ Jams Music Group in 2019. Geared towards, but not limited to independent artists, his company makes the dreams of his clients come true by assisting in music production, composition, artist / musician development and more. His efforts have gone on to become award winning. Currently, A Jermaine continues to work with several artists, as well as ministering and teaching. A. Jermaine would not be the person he is today without the love and support of those that surround him. He is a loving husband to his wife Tiffany, and a devoted father to his daughters Nyla and Nuri. While so much more can be said about his accomplishments, A Jermaine is and will always be a supporter of all people striving for success!

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